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Our Company is involved in a very pro-active way to ensure that the project requirement is achieved. We are ready to carry out all diversified works including Plumbing, Drainage and Fire Protection with the top quality, efficiency, productivity and to the satisfaction of the client.

Design and Build, Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Maintenance of all Works

Service Overview

DWV plumbing system is the collection of pipes that rid your home of sewage and water waste. They ventilate the sewage gases out of the house and provide air to the drain-waste pipes. Drain- waste pipes keep your home clean and sanitary, and vent pipes keep sewage gases from building up in your home.


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Recent Services

” innovative solutions for your business needs”


Our Technical Services division offer a wide range of smart solutions for new and existing buildings. The main areas of services we offer are


We offer the sale, installation, Testing and commissioning of home automation control- lers that will provide real time monitoring and control of Electrical equipment’s.


We provide the supply, installation, testing and commissioning as well as maintenance of smart ELV system


We provide the installation, testing and commissioning of water leak detection system to customers who want to monitor any water leakage from pipes above ceilings


We provide the sales, installation and service of 1 or 3 stage water purifiers with Ultravi- olet water sterilizers.
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We have a proven track record of successful completion of various projects that incorporates supply, testing, commissioning, maintenance and warranty services for building services

innovative solutions for your business needs
To remain an exemplary organization for our clients, stakeholders, community and the people. Pave forward to be a leading company that understands the client’s needs and deliver comprehensive solutions current in terms of technology and competence. Provide excellent value addition for every activity with professionalism.
innovative solutions for your business needs
To run the business profitably sustaining long-term growth. Committing to provide unparalleled service and quality workmanship and conduct business that offers a unique client experience. To value and appreciate the contribution of all our employees and provide a challenging and safe environment in which to achieve personal and career goals.
innovative solutions for your business needs
We, our management is committed to meeting client requirement through continual improvement of the quality standards. Provide our clients with the highest quality confirming to the standards / agreed specification. Communicate with our suppliers to achieve the desired conformity requirements.
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